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A state-of-the-art fingerprint identification solution that allows you to instantly identify
employees, customers and partners

Review by SC Magazine for Security Professionals  

Fingerprint Readers

FBI Certified / PIV Single Finger Reader

Single Finger Reader

Dual Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint Mouse

Water/Dirt proof (IP6 Rating)

Fingerprint Reader with Smart Card

Fingerprint Reader with Serial Interface

OEM Fingerprint Modules

10 Finger(Flat/Roll), Palm Print

SDA04 Fingerprint OEM Module, Fingerprint Module

SDA04 Fingerprint Scanner Module

FBI Certified, NIST MINEX Compliant


SDA04 uses next-generation fingerprint technology including SecuGen’s ruggedized, high image quality fingerprint optic module and high speed NIST MINEX Compliant fingerprint matching algorithms for fast 1:1 and 1:N search capabilities, and is FBI Certified as meeting FBI Image Quality Specs (IQS) and compliant with FIPS 201 standard for PIV Single Finger Readers.

Description of SDA04 Fingerprint Module

SDA04 is a complete, stand-alone fingerprint recognition system that captures and stores fingerprint data and identifies or verifies registered users. Designed to function entirely without an external PC, the SDA04 can be integrated into access control units, door locks and other products. It can communicate with external devices and is interoperable with data input from SecuGen USB fingerprint readers for a wide variety of implementations.

Technical Specifications of SDA04 Fingerprint Module

Flash 128 MB
User Capacity 10,000
1:1 Verification Time 0.1 sec
1:N Identification Time 0.2 sec
Enrollment Time 0.9 - 1.3 sec (capture + extraction)
Fingerprint Template Proprietary (400 bytes), ANSI-INCITS 378-2004 (variable size)
Supply Voltage 3.3V DC
Operating Current Consumption 110 mA
Max Current Consumption 550 mA
Communication Speed 921600 BPS (max)
Host Communication Serial (RS 232, TTL)
External Interface Weigand output, GPIO input (2), GPIO output (2 relay, 2 sw)
Optic Module SDOPP04
Image Resolution 500 dpi
Image Size 258 x 336 pixels
Image Gray Scale 256 shades (8-bit gray level)
Non-Linear Distortion ~0%
Effective Sensing Area 12.9 x 16.8 mm
Platen Hardness 750 Hk (~6.8 Mohs)
Light Source Red LED
Typical Lifetime 60,000 hours
Ambient Light Tolerance 5,000 Lux (50,000 Lux with Smart Capture)
Dimensions 21 x 32 x 62 mm (optic module), 59 x 43 x 8 mm (PC board)
Operating / Storage Temp. - 20° to 65°C / - 40° to 85°C
Humidity 90% RH or less
ESD Tolerance 13 kV
Other features Auto-On. Auto-On is a feature that allows the sensor to automatically detect the presence of a finger when placed on the sensor and to send a signal to the "application" to capture the fingerprint. By eliminating the need for a user to prompt the "application" and wait until it is ready for capture, Auto-On is ideal for high traffic or high throughput uses.
Compliance RoHS, NIST FIPS 201 & SP 800-76
Certification GSA FIPS 201 APL, FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS)

SDA04 Developer Kit (sold separately)

The Developer Kit includes all the hardware, software, support and documentation needed to accelerate the design and integration of SDA04 into stand-alone or networked devices. The Developer Kit also includes APIs and data conversion modules to help expand the capabilities of your fingerprint biometric system with the following functions:
  • Register, update and delete user profiles
  • Verify or identify user
  • Manage user database
  • Control system settings (brightness, exposure, gain, security levels, quality threshold, etc.)
  • Test all functions
  • Interface with PC and SecuGen USB fingerprint readers
Components: SDA04 (1 unit), DB9 interface board for development, C9 cable, RS232 cable, 3.3V AC-DC power supply, software, documentation

Maintenance: First year includes tech support, free software upgrades, Access to SGDN

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