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A state-of-the-art fingerprint identification solution that allows you to instantly identify
employees, customers and partners

Review by SC Magazine for Security Professionals  

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Futronic FS90 USB Mini Fingerprint Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Fingerprint Scanner, USB Fingerprint Reader

FS90 Mini Fingerprint Reader

End-of-life product


  • Small form factor, 57(L) x 29(W) x 27(H)mm
  • Perfect for mobile application
  • Comes with free software to capture raw fingerprint images
  • Comes with free API for capturing raw fingerprint images
  • Platform supported are Windows, Linux and MAC

Description of FS90 Mini Fingerprint Reader

FS90 Mini USB Fingerprint Scanner uses specially designed optical system to deliver high quality image in a very small form factor of just 57(L) x 29(W) x 27(H)mm.

Even though the FS90 fingerprint reader has a small form factor, it can capture fingerprint images with the quality as good as FS80 fingerprint readers.

The FS90 fingerprint reader can scan an almost un-distorted raw fingerprint image into PC in 100ms and is good for any fingerprint recognition application.

The FS90 fingerprint reader is a perfect device for mobile application. It is small and has a 0.3 meter USB cable making it convenient to be carried around by notebook PC, PDA or mobile phone users.

The FS90 fingerprint reader The finger scanning window is a crown glass with a thickness of 13mm. It is much more reliable and robust compared to any semiconductor type fingerprint sensor. The finger is illuminated by 4 infra-red LEDs during scanning and the light intensity is automatically adjusted according to scanning fingerprint's characteristics (wet, dry, blurred, etc) to optimize the quality of the captured fingerprint image. FS90 can be used together with all Futronic standard software products, FinLogon Personal Edition (PE), Finlogon Enterprise Edition (EE), SDK and FAS.

Platforms Supported by of FS90 Mini Fingerprint Reader

FS90 Mini Fingerprint Reader comes with USB drivers and API to capture raw fingerprint images on the following platforms:
  • Windows XP/2003, 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Windows Vista/2008, 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit. Linux with kernel 2.4 or higher (for both x86 and ARM9)
  • Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0 (for both x86 and ARM9)
  • MAC OS (version 10.5, Intel CPU)

Specification of FS90 Fingerprint Reader

  • Fingerprint scanning window size is 15x22mm
  • Image resolution is 440x300 pixel, 500 DPI
  • Raw fingerprint image file size is 129K byte
  • USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device
  • With a special 0.3M USB cable Small size, 57(L) x 29(W) x 27(H)mm
  • Light weight, 80 gram
  • Operation temperature: -10 to +55 Degree Celsius

Electrical Characteristics of FS90 Fingerprint Reader

  • Light source: Infrared LED Supply voltage: DC 4.5-5.5V via USB port
  • Power consumption:
    • active <650mW(during scanning)
    • standby <200mW(when scanner is connected PC but no scanning)
    • sleep mode <4mW(activated by standard USB bus event only)
  • ESD contact - 8KV and air discharge - 16KV, no permanent damage

Fingerprint Recognition SDK/API Supported By FS90 Fingerprint Reader

FS90 USB fingerprint scanner works seamlessly with: Contact us for more information

USB Drivers for FS90 Fingerprint Reader


Demo Software of FS90 Fingerprint Scanner


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Customer Rating
Average rating:   5 / 5


I want to thank you for all of your help over this past week. I was extremely impressed by the service provided, you’ve done an amazing job. My team greatly appreciates all of your assistance.
- Brian, Pennsylvania State University, US


We are definitely pleased and satisfied with your product and services.
- Arkansas County, US


Excellent follow through and follow-up.
- Jose Mendoza, Mexico


Great price and fast delivery, what else can one ask for?
- A Google Checkout Shopper

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