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FAQ - Keystroke (Keyboard Dynamics)


Keyboard Dynamics is based on the typing rhythm/pattern of a user - a way that a user types on a keyboard.

Typing patterns are unique - National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have found typing patterns to contain unique characteristics that can be identified

The following factors are looked at:

  • Typing speed
    • People can go slower than their normal speed, but cannot go faster
      E.g.: John types at 20 words per minute and the person at the keyboard is going at 70 words per minute, it's a pretty safe bet that it's not John.
    • Typing speed of characters is different from the typing speed of numbers.
  • To capitalize, did the user use the left shift key, the right shift key, or the caps-lock key?
  • Were the letters all typed at the same pace, or was there was a long pause between the letters
  • Which letters were typed correctly in the first place
  • Which letters were typed wrong initially and were corrected later
  • Specific letters take longer to find
    • Right-handed people are faster in getting to keys they hit with their right hand fingers
    • Index fingers may be faster than other fingers to a degree that is consistent for a person
  • The words that are typed rapidly could help in revealing a personís identity - The words that are part of a personís native language are usually typed rapidly.
  • Patterns of Errors
    • Common "errors"
    • Substitutions - the letters that are often replaced
    • Adjacent letter hits
    • Hold-length-errors (E.g. shift key held down too short or too long a time).

What are the pitfalls of Keyboard Dynamics?

  • Person's typing varies substantially during a day and between different days
  • State of mind: tired, angry, drunk
  • Copy-Paste
  • Switching computers/keyboards
  • Typing during talking
  • Pausing to talk on the phone, etc
  • Legality

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