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Add a biometric fingerprint ID component to your existing systems without writing a single line of code.

Biometric Integration Software

PersonVault is a state-of-the-art biometric system that seamlessly integrates fingerprint identification with almost any of your current applications.

It starts with system administrators enrolling each person (employee, customer, patient, etc) by capturing multiple fingerprint impressions and completing management-defined data fields. Then when PersonVault reads a fingerprint of an authorized member of the system it authenticates the individual, reads the data it has stored for that person, and populates the data fields of the selected application (member check-in or patient ID, say) with that information. All this happens instantly and silently; the only thing the operator sees is the data being populated as soon as the finger is placed on the fingerprint scanner.

PersonVault runs in the background and gives you a biometric identification capability that replaces other more error-prone, less-efficient personal identifiers (bar codes, RFID cards, keyboard logins, et al). And it's simple to install and use. No need to write even a line of code, build your own ID solution from SDKs, read complicated manuals, or waste frustrating time in areas that aren't your specialty. PersonVault gives you fingerprint ID that works with your existing data systems and lets you focus on what you do best-running your business or project.


Features and Benefits

Acts as a Biometric Field Filler - When PersonVault scans the fingerprint of an enrolled system member, it immediately authenticates the individual, reads the data on file for that person, and populates the designated data field(s) with the selected information (user ID, password, SSN, for example).

Provides the Safest, Fastest, Easiest Login - The most widespread use of biometric field filling is the provision of User IDs and Passwords to access-controlled programs and Websites. PersonVault reads the fingerprint of an enrolled member, instantly authenticates the individual, and releases his/her unique User ID and/or Password to the application/site. This removes the need for memorizing or writing down IDs and Passwords, so more complex combinations can be used. The result is a stronger hedge against identity theft with maximum ease and convenience for the user.

Offers a Particularly Strong Alternative to Bar Code Scanners - For human identity management systems, biometric identifiers like fingerprints are inherently more accurate and less susceptible to manipulation than traditional optical readers like bar code scanners.

Populates Multiple Fields Automatically - PersonVault supports special keys (ENTER, TAB, F1-F10) so it can be configured to populate multiple data fields for your various applications.

Creates a Biometric 'Keyboard Wedge' that Provides Superior ID - Using person-unique fingerprints as identifiers is faster and less tedious for individuals than repetitive keyboard logins, and is therefore more cost-effective for the organization. Also, fingerprint scanners are more accurate than barcode and magnetic strip readers and fingerprints don't get lost like RFID cards.

Includes Griaule's Award-Winning Fingerprint SDK - PersonVault integrates Griaule Biometrics' Fingerprint SDK, winner of the prestigious Fingerprint Verification Competition in the Equal Error Rate (EER) category. This means fewer failed enrollments and minimal false matches or rejections.


Typical Users and Applications

  • Businesses - Use PersonVault for access to such applications as time-and-attendance records, on-premises reports, and data systems the authorized use of which is limited to certain individuals.
  • Membership Clubs/Organizations - YMCAs, gyms, health clubs, spas, and studios (yoga, dance, karate, pilates, et al) use it for member sign-in.
  • Retail POS Systems - Using PersonVault to sign checkers and managers in to retail POS systems increases accountability, cuts down on data manipulation and helps reduce unauthorized discounts, 'sweethearting' and other forms of theft.
  • Medical Institutions - Hospitals and clinics increasingly use fingerprints for patient ID to better control individual therapies, procedures and drugs, as well as medical records.
  • Colleges and Universities - PersonVault is perfect for student and faculty ID for admission to campus facilities and data systems.
  • Prisons - PersonVault provides superior ID for inmate sign-in/out, on-premises reports, and the like.

Fingerprint Hardware and OS Compatibility

An important part of 360 Biometrics' job is to make sure you get the scanner that meets your particular needs cost-effectively. PersonVault software works with most leading fingerprint readers, including:

  • Hamster IV
  • Hamster Plus
  • OptiMouse Plus
  • Lumidigm Venus Series
  • Crossmatch Verifier 300LC
  • FS80
  • FS88
  • U.are.U 4500
  • Mercury Sensor
PersonVault also supports many operating systems, including PersonVault also supports many operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2000 Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2.


Product Support

At 360 Biometrics, we want to ensure you have a successful experience implementing and using PersonVault. We provide a full year of free email support to address any questions or concerns you may have. We also have plans available for additional support, including telephone support and remote support.
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"PersonVault has helped us implement a respondent identification system which obviates the need for respondents to carry photo IDs, and have thus greatly enhanced our productivity."

Johannes Haushofer
Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, Nairobi, Kenya
Funded by NIH

"You are the THIRD company I have tried to work with, but the FIRST one that met my expectations! I would highly recommend your company and your software."

Carl Burmeier
Rainbow Resource Center

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