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Biometric Identification Solution

Biometric Password Filler

Fingerprint-based Time and Attendance system

Biomtric Authentication Solution

Biometric Login Systems

Web Biometrics

Mobile Biometrics

Custom Solutions and Integration

Biometric applications that work in a web-browser


  • The application employs with a simple, easy to use interface that everyone is familiar with - a web browser.
  • Instant and accurate identification, verification or authentication can be done by using fingerprint:
  • Requires only a fingerprint reader and/or a webcam on the client machine. No other hardware or software is required, thereby making it maintenance-free client side application.
  • Supports unlimited clients.
  • Uses 128-bit encryption between the client and server.
  • Easily be integrated with existing non-biometric identification, verification or authentication systems.
  • Works with portable handheld systems

Description of Web Biometrics

Web-based Biometrics is a simple, state of the art solution that employees the web-based technology to identity, verify and authenticate users.

The identification, verification or authentication can be done by using fingerprint. Fingerprint recognition requires a scanner to be installed on the client machine.

The user interface is a web-browser that everyone is familiar with and comes installed with 99% of the OS. As soon a fingerprint reader and a camera is installed on the client machine, it is ready to start capturing the biometric information of the users and sending it to the server for matching. This makes it virtually maintenance-free client-side application and an ideal application for authenticating users over the internet.

System Architecture of Web Biometrics

Web-based Multi-Biometrics System


  • Being web based, the system offers the following advantages:
    • Reduces IT Management costs.
    • Simplifies deployment to clients.
    • Reduces license costs while effectively increasing license utilizations.
  • Eliminates weak passwords as a vulnerability
  • Password lifecycle management
    • No need for password management - 40% of help desk calls are password related (Gartner Group).
    • No need for complicated passwords
    • No password sharing
  • Improves security of your organization
  • Simplifies provisioning
  • Robust audit trail

Platform Supported

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista (for 32 bit platforms)
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (for 64 bit platforms)
  • Linux (for x86 32 and 64 bit platforms)


  • Time and Attendance system for use in mobile worksites
  • Visitor Management System
  • Customer/Employee Identification System

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